Diffusion blenders blend by placing particles in random motion allowing them to reorient with respect to each other when inter-particular friction is reduced as the result of bed expansion to achieve uniformity. Typically this occurs in a rotating vessel commonly called tumble blending. The “bed expansion” referred to is actually the same mechanism as in a fluid bed unit or pneumatic blender without the air flow. The advantage is that different particle sizes and densities within certain bounds can be accommodated without the separation of smaller particles due to aeration or air flow through the product.┬áTumble blenders typically offer the best blend available of all the types. They are typically able to achieve one to two percent variations and at times even significantly better than that. When a precise blend is required or some of the individual ingredients in the mix constitute less than five to ten percent of the total, this is the technology that is chosen.

This system can accommodate any combination of the following types of raw material and / or final packaging

  • PBOM Bags
  • Valve Bags
  • Boxes
  • Drums
  • Supersacks